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Video Reel

"Stepping Out With My Baby " Featuring Sebastian Goffin 

Videography by Chris Dart

Choreography by Kayleigh Thadani and Sebastian Goffin

2019 Showreel by Christ Dart, Choreography by Kyle Seeley and Kirsty Fuller, Featuring Nolan Edwards 

Count Down To Curtain at Aladdin London!

BBP Acting Scene ' 6 months later'  Featuring: Abigail Climer 

Forest Powder Paint Party collaboration with Chris Dart

West End Live London 2018 Performance

West End Live Interview with Ruthie Henshaw

2017 Aladdin London TV Trailer

Disney Broadway Hits @ The Royal Albert Hall

Aladdin performance at The London Palladium 

Aladdin performance on BBC's Children in Need

Aladdin performance at The Royal Albert Hall

Kayleigh Thadani Dance Showreel

Up Down Go Machine Music Video

Feat. Kayleigh Thadani

The Blues Brother Story, Monte Carlo

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